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          We believe wildlife belongs in the wild, not in your trash. Mint-X?'s Patented Rodent Repellent Technology is a humane, safe solution to the problem of foraging rodents and raccoons. We use only the best ingredients: the highest-quality mint essential oils that naturally work to keep pesky wildlife away. Our trash bags contain no harsh chemicals, so you won't have to worry about dangerous toxins around your kids or pets. Mint-X Technology is EPA Registered for repelling raccoons and rodents in trash bags. Look for trash bags with the Mint-X Technology at retailers nationwide.

          • Deters rats and other rodents from chewing through garbage bags
          • Safe for pets and humans
          • Pleasant mint scent
          • Strong and durable
          • Improves overall pest management
          • Made from 100% natural food grade oils and completely chemical free

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